Graphics Overhaul

What does everyone think of the idea of bill boarding the graphics? Think original DOOM but third person still angled top view. It would be a massive graphics overhaul but not impossible to do.

Isometric. Yes, oh please yes.
Take a look at Vulture. Or stonesense.
or… well there are others but I cannot for the life of me remember their names.
If we could have something similar for cata, I would be a very, very happy person.

I will build an altar to whoever manages to code a stonesense for this game.

I’m thinking Ogre 3D

That looks awesome too, but goddamn that is gonna be a huge amount of work.

There have been tons of suggestions like this one, even i made one. It’s a really good idea, but it will be hard to make a dev work on it, so someone should start studying code and do it. :S

It would be impossible* to make the game work in anything other than the current perspective (or possibly isometric) so really you’re just talking about a fancier tileset with some extra graphical features.

Although this sounds like a good idea, it would take way too much time away from anyone who had the coding skills to actually help. I’d say that if the core game is good enough (think DF) I’m sure someone will come along with some extra graphical tools.

*From a gameplay standpoint, a lot would be ruined and even looking past, on the technical side you’d pretty much have to remake the entire game to get it working (so much so it’d be a different game)

someone (cib I think) did some work on this, including a working protoyype a while back, it’s not as hard as you might think.

honestly the only thing that really takes time is creating all the sprites, actually making a base working core is too easy. As for the sprites if you can get a decent fan base going with basic coding skills that’s willing to help within a few months you could have nearly all if not the whole games graphics converted.

Oh yeah, Cib made a 3D thing.

Fucking loved it, but had no idea how to play it.

This thing right here.

This project should be resurrected!

Fuck yeah, thanks Rivet.

Now how do I do this…

By the way, that is awesome and how the hell did I miss it.
ofc there’s work on sprites and such but how is it so far? is it stable enough for a link on the main page?
We need more people to know about this, maybe we can drag in some extra help.

This thing right here.

This project should be resurrected![/quote]