I was just wondering, correct me if I’m wrong but if what I read from the lore on the wiki is correct, if a big chunk of the military within the states retreated to “fortified bunkers and airstrips” would there be a chance of possibly seeing or stumbling across remnants? I could see coming across a group of former militants that managed to survive the outbreak that you could interact and do quests for and even barter with. They too are stocked with military gear and much like the refugee center, are still inclosed within their bunkers safe.

Now I know airstrips are still controversal, but what if there was something in the game like the refugee center but much more rarer and less obvious, mainly being that it is indeed one of the “fortified bunkers” that the military receded into. And instead of a community of civilians, instead a flourishing still organized military, or what’s left of it anyways. And, again, with them you can trade, do quests for, and maybe eventually you could live with them.

More ideas:

[spoiler]Again I think of fallout when I think of this, but with the actual location of the bunker, it could be a manhole out in the middle of nowhere and when you go down, you are in a lone room with a couple of crates. And in front is one blast door, and next to it could be a terminal or intercom. With this you need a high speech skill to persuade yourself in where you are seized by the guards and basically forced to help them. Same with the terminal only being you hack open the door then seized by the guards.

Another thing I though of was, what if there could be two factions to the military? One being the normal military that still thrives underground with scientists and such, and other that were outcasted and forced to survive above ground. The outcasts (old guard?) can be distinguished through certain marks on their armor or persona and offer trading and quests.

Another idea I had was what if there could be random in-counters like the dead bodies where you could stumble across a camp, broken APC or humvee, and either there were outcasts or the regular militants there in need of help. [/spoiler]

Old Guard is the US federal government, both uniformed/military and civilian. So the fortified bunkers, airstrips, and offshore personnel would all be the same faction (though, as the lore already states, being offshore is considered something of a higher-status position).

Folks have wanted a larger-scale milbase for a while now and we’ve no problem with that. Just that nobody ever seems to file a PR for one. Populating the milbase with living NPCs would be a good second step (perhaps they were hunkered down in an underground level beneath the base, and step 1 for faction relations is clearing topside or enough of it that they can surface?).

An airstrip would be fine but for folks clamoring for PC-usable aircraft as a result (no piloting skill, tough to learn w/o instruction and plenty of rather limited aviation gas = you’re likely to just waste the plane crashing it :frowning: ).

If folks are content with flights happening off-camera, then people would just need to write up the facilities and PR.

Would or could there be some sort of way to treat (until aircraft become a thing) large aircraft on say a airstrip as small buildings? I could see that happening or just having a bunch of scattered wrecks across the airfield.

I also wouldn’t mind trying to create a military base for the game, I have very limited skill in coding way but it couldn’t be too hard could it?

What if you could have Pilot as a starting profession?

I mean, I understand the derpness of planes or even helicopters, but couldn’t they just work the same way cars do currently in the game just that they have a bit more flying chacteristics (flight takeoff, ect.) only they are maybe 3 or 4 z-levels above ground level. Fuel could be a problem but on most or nearly every airfield there is bound to be one or two fuel trucks and most certainly a fuel pump. (Hmm that makes me wonder, what if there could be a super rare chance of finding a 18 wheeler with a fuel trailer filled with gasoline).

I can’t imagine aircraft working until proper Z-levels are implemented, buildings and objects are converted to be higher, and a lot of other stuff. Would be cool to see flying vehicles someday, though. Until that happens, I wouldn’t mind being able to find and put thrusters on my cars, having a source of superalloy, or whatever other cool things planes or helicopters might have.

That would be neat to see, and to expand on flashlight hoarder’s idea, what if there could be a scenario were you are a pilot dressed in a flight suit, combat boots, a flight helmet w/ retractable visors, a folded emergency blanket, radio, flare gun, and like a M9 in a holster with 40 rounds. And you either spawned at a military wreck or out in the middle of nowhere with a parachute, and you come with the skills to fly?

The infrastructure for something like that isn’t in right now re: the wrecks. Wrecks are map extras and they get placed onto maps after the map is generated, and there is currently no way for the game to tell where an extra has been placed

[quote=“vache, post:8, topic:8553”]The infrastructure for something like that isn’t in right now re: the wrecks. Wrecks are map extras and they get placed onto maps after the map is generated, and there is currently no way for the game to tell where an extra has been placed[/quote]Maybe force-place the extra as you spawn in? That could cause some silliness involving wrecks appearing EVERYWHERE as you die and reroll your character repeatedly.
I think planes would be best spawned as wheelless vehicles with their fancy collection of yummy flightless parts for now. Flight system inexistence aside, it would simply be explainable as the fact that pretty much every flying vehicle would have been flown and landed somewhere offshore/crashed, right? We can ignore exceptions until a flying syste? Actually exists.

Hadn’t had a chance to reply, you don’t really need to force spawn a wreck in, probably be a lot easier to just spawn in with a parachute already on the ground.