Internal Furnace CBM Overhaul

Either move it to the CrazyCataclysm mod like was talked about years ago OR…

Make it less silly.

  • Either just limit the volume of items that can be consumed (No munching TVs for full batteries) and introduce an over-time effect to burning somewhat like with the kiln…

  • Or make it an advanced version of the metabolic interchange CBM that allows the player to continuously charge batteries at the cost of hunger with the added perk that the player can fill up on almost anything (Volume restriction maintained). And add a morale penalty for eating non-edibles.

  • OR just add a morale penalty for eating non-edibles.

I’d prefer the first version because I always imagined it as a small compartment replacing a single kidney that lets you burn small items.

ALSO make the player fart smoke when it’s working.

First idea sounds like the best solution. The furnace right now actually feels a little bit too powerful: smash up some furniture and instantly power up high level CBMs.

We already have the Metabolic Interchange CBM, which functions identically to the second point.

Third idea isn’t necessary and might be annoying if it’s too heavy but makes sense and could be used in tandem with first idea.

Can I also put burritos in it to activate a little butt-jet? Kind of like eating bad Mexican food, except it’s flames this time.

I also heard it can eat grenades that are activated, so many a little silly.

Yeah. Like I said, #2 idea would be advanced version of that.

Apparently I am blind.

Personally, I think that all the electronic items you can eat with it should be moved over to Battery System. Other than that, this CBM is fine as is, IMO.

Um. Electronics are not batteries?

You arent stealing the electricity from the object, youre burning the material for power.

I see the Internal Furnace as somewhere between Metabolic Interchange and the Reactor in functionality - All three functionally burn some fuel in exchange for power. Two of these work over time, while the Furnace does so instantly. I think this aspect is the most unbalancing element of its functionality. Giving it an internal “volume” of what it can store, then burning through that volume at a set rate to convert to power would be my ideal solution.

This is more or less what I’ve intended for years, just haven’t gotten around to it.
The complication here is that CBMs don’t otherwise track any state of their own other than whether they’re deployed or not, so it requires some somewhat unusual code changes to make it happen. Nothing crazy, just enough to keep it from being a mater of slapping together a few lines of code to make it happen.

The more palatable option might be to go ahead and move it to crazy cataclysm, then someone can code up a more rational replacement for it when they get around to it, because it is aan eyesore having it work the way it does.

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I’d complain about this, but I use Crazy Cataclysm by default anyway, so this won’t bother me in the slightest.

Now for a more important thing: Could this see the rise of new types of generators in game? Because currently the only external power source is Solar Power. Surely someone out there has Gas-based generators (so I have SOME reason to collect gasoline…). It’d be cool to plug myself into a gasoline based generator.

Well, you can already do that with jumper cables and a proper bionic.

Yes, but you can’t convert Gasoline into energy, only solar. Beta National Guard Camp has them, but I don’t use that mod for a variety of reasons.

You can place a generator on an engine to turn gasoline into electricity. Not sure if it runs on its own or only when vehicle is moving.

I do like the idea of items burning up inside of you over time, giving you energy over the period of time…though it’s kind of similar to Metabolic Interchange by then.