Battery system CBM possible bug

Hey there everyone!
So, I’m starting this post so someone can explain me how the battery system CBM works. The description says I can consume the batteries (also a quick google revealed me that it’s through the shift+E menu), but whenever I try, it says they’re not edible.
So maybe, I thought, I have to activate the CBM on the menu, but it says that the battery system doesn’t have enough fuel to start (I have 100 kJ bionic energy ATM), so even that is a no-go.
So, I ask thee, the CDDA forum experts: what am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? I was writing an issue on github but then I thought “what if I’m just an idiot and the devs will hate me for it?”, SO I came here instead!

Here is a picture to help explain
A: It’s internal charge. This X/2000 charge is spent by the bionic and refilled by "E"ating charged batteries. If it’s full you can’t eat any more batteries until you use up some of it’s charge.
B: The Battery System. Activating this drains it’s charge (B) to refill your bionic power (C). If you have any other power sources then I recommend an auto on/off like the one shown (Set with “A” and “S”) to save it’s charge as a backup.
C: Your bionic charge: The 100 kJ you mentioned is used to power other bionics that consume bionic charge (Lazer finger, heat sink, vibro-jackhammer thing, exc) instead of making it.

Edited to fix the A and B labels

Fix for your issue is already done, but is not merged into the game yet.

New way to consume batteries will be available in Bionics menu via refueling.

Ah, that’s good to know! Thanks a lot!

Oh. I’m on the experimental build through the game launcher :man_facepalming: That explains why it worked fine on my end, sorry for not mentioning that. At least it means the fix works well on experimental and the next stable release.

Yeah…thing is, I am also playing on last experimental. Also created a debug character, gave him the proper bionics, did the self install procedure and a small battery and…same message again.

Turns out that character I used to get the picture and test that it still worked was leftover from before the bug. He can "E"at batteries just fine but making a new character with a battery charger just says inedible like you were getting. Sorry for any confusion.

Quick update: The PR has been merged to the experimental branch. It should be fixed now.

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