Internal Furnace Absorb both container and material

I got a problem about Internal Furnace, I have a plastic jerrycan carrying gasoline, and I tried use Internal Furnace absorb only gasoline to rechange the energy,

but instead, It absorb both my jerrycan and gasoline, which make me very headache, can’t we just make it absorb the gasoline first then jerrycan?

also, can we just make the Absorb stystem that can select how much we want?

This is more of a feature suggestion than a bug report, since the internal furnace is working as intended as far as I can tell. Pick an item, eat it; that’s what it is advertised as and that’s what it does. It would be neat if we could use the internal furnace to burn fuel like that, perhaps even going so far as to be able to drink gas/diesel from a vehicle faucet.

It’s certainly a valid feature request, I suspect the problem is the internal furnace code bypasses the normal eating code, which knows how to handle liquid charges in containers.