I can no longer absorb whole fuel with my Internal Furnace CBM for once anymore?

I been notice, that I can’t use my Internal Furnace CBM absorb the whole fuel from the gas station or some vehicles, if the fuel is high that 2400 (or mabye even more). I have to decrease the fuel level with some containers in order to absorb them, I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, because I can absorb the whole fuel just for once in the old version, so why not now?

Because we added a limitation to total volume of material you could consume with Internal Furnace loosely based around what volume of item you could physically fit inside you.

It might be worth looking into making that consumption process continuous so you could “drink” from the fuel nozzle continuously, and it would just take time to do so.

Hell yeah, I’d love to be able to chug a 200L drum of gasoline like it was a beer keg to recharge.


Okay, sounds good, but why I can’t even drink the fuel from gas station, I know I can’t drink all the fuel for once, but why I can’t even just drink a little? there’s no option allow you can drink a few fuel, and the only way to doing that, is use the containers take the fuel out in order to drink.