Interface changes

Figured I would start a thread. the interface is pretty klunky. What interface changes do you think would help. I have a few…

Inventory Interace:

  1. items are in alphabetical order by default in every list. easier to find stuff. whether in inventory or on the floor
  2. item types grouped with tabs. you can have an ‘all’ tab which is like we have it now and by type. will be in the ‘v’ list also.
  3. items on the ground grouped by type. dump locations become a serious hassle to filter through
  4. having to wield a container to remove it. 'u’nload. This is not obvious and you need to read the wiki on it.
  5. ‘v’ for seeing items nears you groups by types with tabs and alphabetical.


  1. when you press ‘v’ to look at items, you can click on it to autowalk to the area and pick it up so you dont have to go through the list
  2. hotkey to change weapons/armor. it takes just as long, but i can assign hot keys
  3. clothing ‘suits’. i have a night suit for when i sleep. idrop those on the floor. i would like to be able to step on the square, hit my interace for that and auto,take off my current cloths (drop them if i want to), pick up the new stuff, and put it on.
  4. ability to add macros of some sort. For example, I normally go to the same location, drop 1 piece of wood. move off. light fire, cook, and make water. this becomes old after a while, but is standard. if i can make a macro for this, its less of a hassle. now the game still plays when doing this, so its at my own risk. can use it for collecting water from funnels, etc…


  1. when you look at cars, i think we need to change this screen. i find it hard to read. not sure exactly how.

Vehicle Modification Interface:
At the moment, the size and shape of vehicle you can effectively work on is limited by the size of the viewing window within this interface. You can move the cursor ‘offscreen’ to make extensions, but then you can;t see what you’re doing.

I don’t propose changing the size of the viewing window. Instead I suggest that, rather than having the selection cursor move around the window, it should always remain centred, and the movement keys should scroll the vehicle around it.

That would remove all restrictions on how long or wide a vehicle can be worked on.

Making any list of items in the game searchable like the debug spawn lists would make managing item dumps a lot easier.