Integrated toolset doesn't work properly for disassembling furniture

It will substitute for the screwdriver, but not for the hammer.
Pretty sure this is a trivial JSON edit to fix :slight_smile:

Not sure if the toolset includes a hammer.

It does, as per description and functionality when crafting.

Looking into this.

JSON fix.

Merged Soyweiser’s.

I also was. Actually :smiley:

it was a trivial json fix, but not to add the hammer, where exactly is there going to be a hammer in a bionic built into your hand/arm?

That’s probably the second easiest of the tools to fit in. Just add a disc of steel to the edge of the hand and you can swing your forearm as the hammer shaft.
Now how the hacksaw works I don’t know. I’m guessing it’s actually a tiny powered cutting device.
Also the welder. You do not want your hand right next to a welding arc.

In other words, you could get the same effect by taping a quarter to your hand. How about you try that and report back how well it works.

Well, if the quarter had a bunch of structural reinforcing fusing it to my ulna. :slight_smile: