Integrated Toolset and Sonic Screwdrivers

I would like to suggest that we break up the integrated toolset into individual tools. Screwdriver Finger, Bunson Burner Finger, Laser Welder Finger, Microfillement Saw, Pneumatic Hammer, etc. I think these would be good to use in construction too.
Also, a high tech lockpick… Sonic Screwdriver. You know you watch it too…

If I had to make a wild guess… Dr.Who?

Or whatever you Americans call him, the police box man. Bloody nobody has police boxes anymore. It’s all security closets.

But that is way to complicated, you nearly double the amount of ORs in crafting. It would just big things down.

I also had a suggestion a while ago about tags instead of actual item on crafting but I have no idea if it’s very viable on coding.

Instead of hammer or hatchet you’d simply put the verb ‘hammer’

Both the hatchet and the hammer would have a tag/flag labeled ‘hammer’

Screwdriver would have ‘screw’ (hold your snickers and nasty comments)

This would allow for things like having a multi tool a lot easier to code.

Hatchet: “hammer”, “chop”

You may also go with a mapping instead. Could go for more complex and go for a 2d mapping, but that’s totally up to devs.
While you could do this as a look up file I’d rather put it as a flag on the actual item. That way adding and removing tools is very simple. Probably need a list of all possible crafting verbs somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:
I forgot to explain the numbers. They are efficiency.

Hatchet: “hammer”: 1, “chop”:0.75
Axe: “hammer”: 1, “chop”:1
Hammer: “hammer”: 1, “pry”: 0.75
Rock: “hammer”: 0.5
Hotplate: “heat”: 1, “burn”: 1

I believe the idea of the integrated tool set is that it’s a full set. And considering we have a limited number of spaces for our installations I wouldn’t want it split up.

The tag crafting idea is what they’re currently* working on.

*May be currently worked on or still in the planning stages. I’m not sure.

I thought it might have been. As for limited spaces in the Bionics… since when? As far as I know you can have unlimited bionics.

If you have (approximately) 32+ bionics you run out of characters with which to select all of them.
The main issue is that there aren’t Capital Letters to choose from in the list, it’s just a-z, (),{},~, and a hollow box thing (■?) no idea what that one is supposed to be.
If you install every bionic, you end up with more than a dozen bionics you can’t examine or activate, obviously this doesn’t matter for passive bionics, but unless you installed every active bionic first, and had no power systems at all, it’s still an issue.

Sounds like something that will eventually have to be reworked…

I’d rather have something like an integrated toolset that isn’t a cybernetic implant. Surely if you can make something fit into the human body, you can make a self sufficient one too?

Heh. I added a sonic screwdriver into my game recently just to experiment with the code a bit.