Infrared goggles change/new item like it

Infrared goggles are cool. Always have been, great for night raids when you’re trying to be sneaky. But, light amp are good too, because those give actual night vision. Last I checked, infrared doesn’t boost your vision range in dark at all, just pops up all the heat signatures. Useful, but really, shouldn’t the infrared goggles also give you at least a small boost to how far you can see in the darkness?
Regardless of whether or not the imaging is done with the blue/green/reds of this style, like this

or the more modern gray, white, and black style

You can see the area around the place you’re looking at as well.
So, I guess that changing the goggles to see more around you, or making something that’s like light amp and infrared goggles in one would be cool is what I’m saying.
Edit; doesn’t look like one of the images is embedding, so here it is.