Light Amp Gas Masks?

craftable/lootable night vision gas masks, like only in military bunkers or you need a gas mask+light amp goggles and say fab 7+ and tailoring 7+. I think it’d be really helpful for players like me who sometimes like to play non mutant/cyborg/muborg characters stacked on gear and with enough munitions in my basic loadout to challenge a city full of Kevlar Hulks solo lol. the debuff from wearing both a gas mask and light amp goggles makes me miss waaaay too many shots.

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It’s a bit fiddly but you don’t always have to wear a gasmask, in fact with the mouth encumbrance they have it can be pretty deadly if you have to book it. Not that I’d mind having an item like this, maybe it could be a recipe that required actual light amp goggles and a gasmask as the base since they removed the recope for light amp goggles.

It wouldn’t be hard to implement. The C.R.I.T mod has this.

Oh it does? well I’m behind on the curve then lol,

“id”: “maskgoggles_gasnv”,
“type”: “TOOL_ARMOR”,
“category”: “clothing”,
“symbol”: “[”,
“color”: “dark_gray”,
“name”: “pair of light amp gas mask”,
“name_plural”: “pairs of light amp gas masks”,
“description”: “A full gas mask that covers the face and eyes. Provides excellent protection from smoke, teargas, and other contaminants. It must be prepared before use. With a pair of battery-powered goggles that amplify ambient light, allowing you to see in the dark. Use it to turn them on.”,
“flags”: [ “FRAGILE” ],
“price”: 96900,
“material”: [ “plastic”, “steel” ],
“weight”: “1917 g”,
“volume”: “1.5 L”,
“to_hit”: -3,
“environmental_protection_with_filter”: 16,
“max_charges”: 100,
“initial_charges”: 100,
“ammo”: “gasfilter_m”,
“use_action”: “GASMASK”
“charges_per_use”: 1,
“ammo”: “battery”,
“use_action”: {
“type”: “transform”,
“msg”: “You activate your %s.”,
“target”: “goggles_nv_on”,
“active”: true,
“need_charges”: 1,
“need_charges_msg”: “The %s’s batteries are dead.”
“covers”: [ “MOUTH”, “EYES” ],
“warmth”: 10,
“environmental_protection”: 7,
“encumbrance”: 60,
“coverage”: 100,
“material_thickness”: 2,
“magazines”: [
“magazine_well”: 1
“id”: “goggles_nv_on”,
“copy-from”: “goggles_nv”,
“type”: “TOOL_ARMOR”,
“name”: “pair of light amp goggles (on)”,
“name_plural”: “pairs of light amp goggles (on)”,
“description”: “A pair of battery-powered light amplifying goggles with an infrared illuminator, allowing you to see in the dark. It is turned on, and continually draining batteries. Use it to turn them off.”,
“//”: “2019 commercial models can operate at under 0.375W with the IR illuminator on”,
“power_draw”: 375,
“revert_to”: “goggles_nv”,
“use_action”: { “type”: “transform”, “menu_text”: “Turn off”, “msg”: “Your %s deactivates.”, “target”: “goggles_nv” },
“warmth”: 25,
“encumbrance”: 20,
“magazine_well”: 1

Does this look about right?

I don’t think so. First of all, you have two instances of use_action and with strict JSON interpretation there’s no way to tell which will be kept and which discarded. Secondly, the use_action copied from light amp goggles references goggles_nv_on, an item created by inheriting and expanding of goggles_nv. I haven’t looked into how this works in C but it’s not unreasonable to assume that one item is transformed into (i.e. is temporarily replaced by) another. So, if the customized use_action remains and you activate your combination item, upon deactivation it will be reverted into regular light amp goggles.

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