Infinite water bug

I don’t think I’m supposed to have infinite water inside houses. is there maybe a possibility of this happening? If so I would like to understand why.

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I also seem to have infinite water no matter where I am. It was raining though so I don’t know if that’s the reason.

I wouldn’t know the cause of that, raining doesn’t give you infinite water, it’s most likely a bug, a helpful one at that.

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I’m almost afraid to mention this one for how useful it is… especially when toilet water is frozen, etc. :wink:

It was drizzling out in the current game, so maybe it’s to represent water dripping down through the ceiling.

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That is true, I sorta like to imagine that the pre-cata was in a major great depression, I can’t exactly say my examples, but it definitely seems like it. Especially with homeless shelters outside of towns and stuff, you’re probably lucky to get just a house with a roof.

Wasn’t sure if this was intentional. I built a mechanical pump near my crafting area so I wasn’t so sure if it was counting that as a source.

Well… looks like #8603 took care of it. :slight_smile:

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Had that problem before #8603, could start infinite batch clean water builds because there was a toilet nearby that kept getting pulled into the crafting recipe but couldn’t actually be used. I think there should be a way to abandon partially completed crafts, possibly by [(] deconstructing them.