Clean water disappears when crafting it from toilet

I’ve had this happen a three times now, where when I go to craft the rest of the water from a toilet into clean water, with a jerrycan on the ground near you(I believe one time I had a 60L tank next to me instead of jcan) and also while wearing a plastic canteen(mine was on left leg as part of the BioPrepper starting char equipment). It doesn’t ask you where you want to store the water, and the clean water is nowhere to be found after crafting it.

I can try to recreate this and see if I can get it on vid if this can’t be recreated by anyone else.

I’m on current build with remroy’s launcher, but this has happened on past experimental builds as well.

Edit: SEE A COUPLE REPLYS BELOW TO SEE A BETTER VIDEO EXAMPLE than what is in this reply here. This was my first attempt at re-creating and I should have showed it like I did in the later videos.

OK here is a video of it happening, I craft 15 clean water then the remaining 2 disappear when I go to craft the last 2. In this video the gallon jug had clean water in it, as well as my canteen. If your canteen in full and there is an empty container next to you(gallon jug,60Ltank,etc.) it still happens this way.

15 is the max a gallon jug can hold. If you try to make more than a container can hold, and do not have enough containers within the crafting area… radius of 4 I think? maybe more. Then the excess with no container ramaining will be dropped on the floor. If you have another container available it will give you the option to place it there. It looked like you might be running an older version. I would recomend getting the CDDA Launcher and updating now and then. The experimentals run wonderfully most of the time and have so many more features.

I am using the most recent build through remroy’s launcher, seems they updated the UI today or something(which might be why you think that?), there is 1 water on the floor I poured there before I started recording, and this happens when there is an empty tank next to you as well or a 60L tank, a plastic canteen, or a gallon jug. I should have shot a better video, but this was my first time trying to re-create the bug on purpose.

Here is a better video, ~1 minute long and 20 water just disappears when I have an empty plastic jerrycan next to me. I should have just redone it like this the first time, sorry about that. I can’t find the water anywhere and it never asks where I would like to put it when it is the last of the water from the toilet…

Here is another video (48 seconds) clip of it happening while the jerrycan is in my inventory.

Hope that shows the bug a bit better.

I am using Win 10 and Remroy’s launcher with Version 0.C-23225-g71cbc0c (tiles) and build 6661 in the videos with this reply, and was using the current build in the original video that was out at the time of me making that reply.

So is this not a bug, and am I not using the most recent build like I thought I was or something?

IDk I guess its a bug.

yep its a bug but unusually if you have a container that has water in it on your person you can craft water normally.