Crafting bug in .71 causing infinite loop

happens when you map craft until finish
happens when you are making clean water and doing it next to a never ending water source like a river.

There is an inventory bug in .71 where multiple inventory items appear to have the same letter. I am ‘auto crafting’ clean water. I have a plastic bottle that is set to ‘a’, when I press ‘a’ it says that ‘your mp3 player cant hold water’

This has happened in the past when I was not auto crafting and then crafting stops. The resolution is to drop and pick up the item.
However, I am now stuck in an infinite loop.

Goes to inventory screen
press ‘a’ for plastic bottle. quickly flash back to inventory screen with the error about mp3 player above
if i hit ‘escape’ it asks if I want to pour water on the ground. Doesnt matter if I press Y/N. Goes back to inventory screen.

looks like auto-craft continues until you run out of something and no way to break this since I dont have a valid inventory number for my plastic bottles and I will never run out of water.

NOTE: Ended when the fire went out. Luckily it didnt last that long.

Did that next to a RV kitchen…

(There’s a thread about it in the bug forum.)