Infinite Stamina

Someone on the discord was asking if it was possible to remove the stamina mechanic, so another quick mutation mod to solve it, this works by setting your stamina regen to a stupidly high number that you won’t be able to use faster than it regens.

Get it on github

To add to an existing world, install the mod, then edit your world’s mods.json and add “InfStamina” to the list, with a comma after all entries except the last, and then assign a key to debug menu ingame, use debug menu > mutate character > / key + “disable” + enter key and select the mutation and hit enter again, then hit escape to exit the menu.

What the hell? I was just thinking about needing this today. Thank you for this!

Insteqd of having the player debug the mutation, why not making it a point 0 beneficial mutation at chargen? This way the process can be automated in the configs instead of opening the menu, looking for the mut, giving yourself the mut, closing the menu and only then playing the game.

That is an option, it just doesn’t work for already existing characters. For some reason it shows up in the third pane instead of the beneficial one though.