Infected Scenario

So I just started a new character with the new scenarios, went with the infected bite, and oh boy, I died down in the basement of the starting shelter looking hoping for anything to help fight the infection :P. Dunno if this is awesome or not yet

Yeah, it looks like you get 10 in-game minutes to treat the infection before you die. And because you’re in a state where you’re frequently passing out, that means you could wind up spending 9 of those 10 minutes unconscious.

In short, if you don’t spawn with a first aid kit or some antibiotics (or get seriously lucky with an NPC or a FA kit spawning in the basement), you’re as good as dead. And even if you treat with a first aid kit, it seems you still suffer from pain, nausea, and frequent black-outs for… actually, I don’t know how long it lasts. Too difficult for me, anyway.

Yeah seems like a bug to me, I’ll get a PR up to make it a bit more sensible.