Curing infection with a first aid kit doesn't give "Recovering From Infection"

Disclaimer: I am using both the Cataclysm++ and Add Bandits mods, so this may have something to do with it

I was on the FEMA Camp scenario, and the first zombie soldier my NPC shot dropped first aid kits. Awesome.

I used them once I was a good distance away from the camp, and noticed I didn’t have Recovering From Infection, something that usually happens when I cure infections.

Is this a bug, or is there something special about kits that allow you to bypass the recovery stage?

Were you actually infected (as opposed to just bitten)? Also how long had you been infected for? The duration of the recovering from infection is dependent on how long you had been infected.

I was on the FEMA Camp Scenario, which has you infected at the start of the game. I was infected for kaybe a few hours before using the kit.

4x is the rule of thumb. A wound takes 4 times as long to recover as you were actually infected.