Ammo type: Hexamine and cured of asthma

I updated to the latest build because I liked that water weight would no longer be counted for stomach volume. Since then I can’t access my locker because of trying to receive invalid ammo type: hexamine or something like that. Crashes my game completelty.

Another issue I have is my char had asthma but ever since drinking the scourge tea just once the status “took antiasthmatic drug” hasn’t gone away and it’s been daaaays. I enjoyed the hunt for the inhalers but now I have so many that I’m not using g.

Yeah. Instead, we are now burning calories at insane speed even while doing nothing. I’m not sure which one is worse.

The thing is that water weight should be counted into the food items, but at the same time the calculations for that should include how much liquid is in all ingredients combined and then calculate how much of it would be boiled away or in the case of things like pasta be discarded. In the case of pasta the vast majority of the water is not going to end up in your stomache, in things like soup or broth it’s a different story, but still less water than what initially went in there.

I guess my point can be summarised that food items should have different water weight calculations depending on their type they end up as. A solid meal? Only a small amount. A liquid meal? High amount. Dry/dehydrated/preserved? None.

I don’t know what’s up with that tea bug, perhaps to do with the water weight changes, but they should be able to debug the effect away.

I’d also include a point about how the stomache isn’t rigid and frequently stretches to accomodate, but I don’t know if the devs’d be up for implementing that. Up to four liters, more than a gallon. When last have you gone through at entire gallon jug in CDDA in one setting?

I agree that water should be counted in some way but the way it was before the update, I couldn’t get enough calories even if I only drank drinks with calories. The message about needing to eat more dense food is freaking me out because I’m a new player and I know this game wouldn’t tell me that for no reason (I’d like to discover the consequences on my own it’s more fun that way). I was hoping the update would allow me to eat better but since it crashes due to the hexamine thing I’ll have to rollback. Thankfully I have a backup.