[In-progress] Early Survival mod

Early Survival mod


This mod started off as two separate mods Wilderness Overhaul and Wild Living but also includes Cloth Roll mat, More_tea_leaf and Rice. My intention is to make this a finished mod for CDDA.
I wanted to expand the early game and living in the bush or wild living if you will. This is a focused expansion and will be part of a bigger mod that will expand early game and wild living. I want to expand this as much as I can so there is nothing left.

Download link

Current features are limited in 0.2 update

  • Added new berries to the game through 3 different JSONs terrain, seeds and raw_fruit
  • Added new flora Spruce and birch trees
  • Added new materials “Mud”, “leaves”
  • Added new resource “material_Claystone”
  • Added new items “Primitive Oldowan chopping tool”, “Primitive Antler”, “Primitive Sea Shell Saw”, “Primitive Fire_Plough”, “Primitive Chisel”
  • added new weapons “primitive_blowgun”, “primitive_spear”, “primitive_machete”,
  • Added new ammo “blowgun_dart_crude”, “blowgun_dart”,

More information

Most of what’s going to happen is in the readme on the GitHub

Sounds very nice. Ought to mainline it once it’s done. Will throw it in on my next run I think though rng always tosses me carnivore 9 out of 10 times and always early so we’ll see how long I can use berries lol.

there may be errors due to content not made. currently, i need to add recipes, and a lot more then ive added to the readme. ill need to make proper features list. if some of this gets mainlined that’s fine but I have no intention of doing this my self or any mod content I add sorry.

most values are ruff and nothing has been tested yet testing later after the implementation of recipes