In Praise of "boring" Architecture

Looking around, I haven’t really seen much comment about the sheer variety of buildings now.
I’m not talking the new big features like Power Stations, more the basic variety.

Like side-by-sides with signs for house-numbers, stone houses with glass-walled bedrooms, “normal” houses with '70s lounge basements, creepy-as-hell spider basements, single bedroom, half-bedroom, through to all sorts of open/closed concept mini-mansions and whatnnot. Garages are the “useful” addition, but they also add character. And this is hardly a complete list.

I’m curious what small touches I’ve overlooked while running for my life, it adds a lot of appeal to ‘go back’ and play more.
[EDIT for clarity]: Anyone seen anything particularly entertaining?

I don’t get your point. Are you asking what cool stuff we’ve seen?

Cause all I’ve seen is ridiculously place bathrooms in houses.

John Candlebury added a lot of interesting variations on the basic house. Good to see xem getting the props xe deserves.