Urban Under-Development? 0_o

So I’m crawling through the latest 7900 range of experimentals and come across several buildings with really nice vehicle. Gas in tank and such. Thinking WOOHOO!!

…and then the problem. Who ever made the buildings did a great job minus the fact that you have no way to open the garage doors save for driving through them…admittedly amusing and fun to a degree. It kills the vehicle and defeats the purpose of having a mint vehicle in there if you have to kill it in order to free it from it’s captivity lol xD

Anyone wanting to fix this, would be much appreciated =D

I was quite taken by this as well. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! :slight_smile:

Oh that’s just mean. I can’t help but get a chuckle though.

Honestly I don’t know if it’s intentional or not though.

At first I just assumed it was necessary to use some radio controller. But to no avail was I to find any thing in any of these buildings or the code when I looked. I suck at coding I thought and assumed this for awhile.

But it occurred to me that this idea would still be silly. You should still be able to crank the sucker open in case of power loss.

So, yeah. Bug =/