In game MAP alteration?

Is there a mod that allows me to update the map to be accurate as I’m playing?

What I mean is, I’d like to be able to destroy a building lets say a house ( > )and then change the map, overworld map and mini map to accurately reflect it is now essentially a crater ( 0 )or field ( . ). I know you can get creative with Notes, but I like to have blinking on, so that actual notes stand out…

Changing map tiles involves changing spawn groups, spawn rates, and even site IDs.

Itd be a lot of work. Even debug menu only lets you rewrite sites before you visit them. After you see them with your bubble they can only be redesignated to a different name and symbol.

Perhaps thats your best option.

That’s all I want, a way to manually update the map so it reflects what is there now, I don’t want to change what is there in the game.

Youll need to travel to the location you want to change and then Enable the debug menu and use the map editor( press: “g” inside the debug menu). Once in there press (“o”) to enter mapgen edit, select the overmap you wish to edit and then select the replacement id from the list in the right, then use option 4 (“Change Overmap (Doesnt apply)”).

If done correctly the terrain should remain the same but the map symbol should change.

Just a thought

When we find a missile solo and fire it upon a town does that not change the over map to craters would some thing in that code help to do some thing?