OM editor - any way to place X*Y patch of selected OM terrain?

Well, the question. Can you select terrain type, then somehow select multiple tiles which will all be replaced with selected terrain? Or is tile by tile the only way?

Create overmap special of desired dimensions and place it.

Nah. Say I want to place a bridge because mapgen glitched and put a river in a place where there should definitely never be any river. There are just two bridge ramps, and they can be put on the map manually, that’s ok. But the bridge itself? If it’s like 10 tiles long? It’s a PITA to place it tile by tile.
So I take it there’s no way to select appropriate bridge part, then press Shift or whatever and drag the area from left to right to make a whole inner part of the bridge in one go?

The debug map editor has that ability, I think it’s called size or shape. And you can tell it to do a hollow rectangle or a filled one, too.
Alternately if you spot a busted overmap tile and haven’t gone near it yet, you can fix it in the overmap editor and it will be filled in correctly when you do. (For bonus points, if you have gone there already, you can delete the map data for that tile and then change the overmap tile. But that’s tricky.)

dude, that’s exactly the point of my question: there’s a bunch of busted overmap tiles, and it seems there’s no way to bulk edit them, only one by one. I know map editor can do bulk edits via “shape” feature, I am asking about OM editor being able to do the same.

I “imported” my packed RV from an old game to a new one leaving it slightly stranded in the middle of a lake. Making tiles one by one so you could keep two wheels on the land as it made its way to the beach was a pain and a half. So I’m decidedly interested in where this is going, even if it seems to be taking a roundabout route.

P.S. left-side wheels all ground is alright, right-side wheels all lake nobody cares, but if your front wheels also hit ‘shallow water’ the entire RV vanishes in an instant.

I see, I misread your post. Sorry about that. Yeah, I don’t think there’s any way to bulk edit overmap tiles.

To answer that one: No, there’s currently no way in the game to fill in a bigger overmap area all at once.

Mmh, I really like pita.

But anyway, for now you either have to do it one by one or do as Zhilkin suggested; add in an overmap_special in the files that has the type and number of "overmaps" you want defined in textform, so that you can just place it all in one go.

If your character already came close to the point the vehicle was (as in, the overmap tiles were loded into the reality bubble) you can no longer use the overmap editor to achieve what you want. At that point, it just changes the look of the map, but not the terrain.

Unless you did that using the building menu because you didn’t want to cheat (any more), you can do that pretty fast with the map editor (that’s not the same as the overmap editor). Open it up, (e)dit the terrain, choose which one you want to use, press m to (m)ove the cursor but don’t move it yet, press s to change the (s)hape and then move it whereever you need it (or until it hits the edge of the reality bubble). If you want to make it a filled rectangle or other shapes, press s again to change the (s)ize and choose from the list.
Now just hit enter/return a few times and you get your vehicle where it needs to go.

Alternatively, you could edit the files to move your vehicle to a better location.

Thanks. I had no idea that (m)ove was the magic word that would open up all the other stuff I needed to do.