Custom Maps?

So, here’s what I’m wondering. Is it possible to…

#1. Generate a world completely blank, no forests, no nothing, just grass.
#2. Use the debug map editor to design a world
#3. Export the world/save and “reset world” and have the zombie spawns work?

I think not now D:

But you can totally edit a world, you know. You need something in special?

Nah, I’ve made a buuuuunch of custom buildings that I’m almost ready to unleash. I just wanted to make a map of my neighborhood just for fun.

Would be nice to get a blank map and then customise it via the mouse/cursor and a drop down menu that lets you pick different tiles (house, forest etc.) As well as the multi map tile buildings like malls and farms and such. Would love to do my home town this way and start in my house :slight_smile:

Same, lol

I started on a tool like this, but it was a nightmare to place the multitile buildings right. I’ve got the code up on my github if anyone wants to poke around with it. Fair warning, I haven’t touched it in months (since before overmap_specials were json-ed), so it’s probably in pretty rough shape.

I just went back and looked at it and I have a few notes for anyone interested. It uses Qt for the gui stuff, so latest version of that is necessary if you want to work on it. The overmap special json could be read in and used to help with placing the specials. It currently doesn’t handle the rotation for some buildings properly (namely ones that don’t have a separate icon for each direction), but that should be a relatively easy fix. I never figured out a good way to get the line drawing stuff to look right for roads, sewers, and subways. A lot of work will have to be done to actually make it able to easily draw some things, rivers in particular are a huge annoyance due to the different ways river banks have to fill in. And to really finish it off, it should have some sort of basic generation that starts a world out for you, because it’s a lot of work to build a fully functioning world from scratch. A single overmap is 180x180x10, so 324k tiles each, though you’re probably only going to be concerned with about 40k of them, thats still a whole lot.