In-Depth Animals

I think animals in general need a revamp. Having the zookeeper job feels mostly useless, since animal empathy only makes them not run away. If you wanted an animal farm or a helpful companion you’re out of luck. Unless there is something I missed, meaning the level to do anything with animals is oddly high. I’m no zoo keeper, but from what I’ve seen most farm animals (or any animal not hostile or afraid of people) tend to understand the concept “not dangerous means possibly helpful” when dealing with humans. Even if it’s as simple as convincing an animal to follow you/stay in a specific area or feed them for certain interactions, it would be more than we have now. While this mod won’t affect how animals that do try to kill you (excluding maybe how likely each species is to do so), the ones that are less aggressive will be getting a lot of attention if I decide to go through with this. There would also be attention to crafting food for animals, more bait and similar hunting items, not to mention some minor communication that is focused on animals. All of these (and potentially more) will be focused on tweaking the animals so they feel more like unique living creatures that respond to their surroundings and any stimuli!
What you say is hardly as important as how you say it to a creature, animals react to different food/items/environments in less predictable ways that are effected by stats and traits I will eventually give, some domesticated beasts will carry your burden while others may do something else, along with any suggestions you have that also diversifies the kingdom’s individuals as they deal with their own dark days ahead.
(I might also make an in depth mod to go with this one, which enhances yelling/speaking later.)

If you want some reference, try looking the magic mods (like the Arcana mod, and Magiclysm) they have items and spells (respectively) that spawn friendly mobs, and there was the animal summoner mod too, that adds recipe doll that spawn wildlife in a neutral or friendly(tamed) behavior.

And iicr, there was a code reason that only farm animals, dogs and cats could be tamed but other wildlife no

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Thank you so much for this, I’m literally learning coding just for this game/mod. Any advice or references put me further ahead than I was before! Granted I doubt I’ll do anything like spells or summoning, closest I’d get is probably a megaphone or whistle that will command specific tame animals to move in your direction.

There is a project in the project’s github about an insect revamp, i agree that some animals would generate a lot of value for the game like dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, even predators. Maybe in the future a project will be created for animals aswell…
Currently there are so many important things already in the works that probably we just should wait for a bit. Unless, of course, you have the know-how and want to make the changes yourself, that would be great!

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Yeah, for the time being this is literally just here to remind me why I’m learning to code so I won’t forget. I almost certainly will wait and see what get’s put in the vanilla game, but my ideas may be more thorough and advanced than what the devs are going to do. (after all: the less you know, the more you try ;P)

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? I thought we could tame moose and hook them up to a sleigh.

You can tame horses, cows & chickens. But I don’t know about any other critters as of now. You just need bird feed for the chicken or cattle fodder for the cows & horses. Activate it from your inventory to use it on an animal in the tile beside you to make them friendly.

Once tamed you have a mount to ride (not the chicken), a source of milk and eggs, even a mount that you can strap in to pull a wagon if that’s your mode of transportation.

don’t forget cats with cat food or dogs with dog food
also there’s the rat prince but I’m not sure if you can tame them

Maybe something like attaching livestock to a lead to take them somewhere. They could be stubborn too, unless you keep bribing them with delicious hay.