I would kill for a basic livestock mod

That is all

Just wanna tame wild/feral goats/sheep/cows/chickens/pigs
Even lore-wise, there’d be a lot of them, and loads of (un)dead ones that couldn’t make it off the farm
They could follow the player + a shepherding crook/stick/bag of feed once tamed

I’ve been on the road for a while, found a nice abandoned ranch next to a refugee center, empty cave adjacent, interesting bridge system across the southern river to a decent-sized city, with a nice, empty battlefield in between it and my base.
To the north is a megastore; beyond, wilderness.
I’ve been nomad-ing across several worlds in my Apocalypse Plow, http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=11304.msg249539#msg249539
so I need some excitement beyond crops, crafting, building, and quests now that I’ve settled down.
My dope ass vvehicle now serves as a detachable section of my house, which is covered in the same armor.
Pretty much just a couple extra rooms/guns now that I have a smaller, faster thang.

I just needed filler for this post.
See title for purpose.
I’d make the mod myself, but I refuse to take this lifestyle that far.

Adding cattle might be simple and definitely doable in a mod but making them follow you is a different question. The only thing I see is tools similar in function to the dog whistle but idk if its function is .json’ed for putting in a mod. Even if it is maybe it can’t work for other creatures.

I definitely support the idea of livestock, wether in a mod or in mainline. However, it isn’t as easy to implement as it may seem. There is no way you could implement the idea without a rather big chunk of new code. Sure, you could take some already established code as base, but that would be a pretty hackish solution, IMHO. After all, leading them around isn’t the biggest problem you’re going to face. You have to code a way to feed them (else they would be unbalanced) and get some products from the (else they would be useless). But even if this is a “too much of a hassle to implemented in this year” kind of feature, I definitely support it.

I’d literally be happy with reskinned dog code if it meant I could have some goddamn cows in my giant, barbed-wired field.

There is one big problem with the friendly creature code: they’re aggressive by default.
And when they aren’t, they’re 100% passive and won’t even run from stuff.

The other thing that would be hard to cross is the actual breeding of creatures. Breeding is a hell of a lot of AI work. A simple system like Dwarf Fortresses old sporification system may help the interim, but the actual activity, goals and needs of the creatures would be a hefty mountain. Would eggs and milk from creatures be free? Shearing? How would you meter the growth or replenishment? How about grazing?