Improvised Fuses II

Actual suggestion. The ability to make an impromptu fuse out of laying string, gas etc to direct a fire in a certain direction for the purpose of more controlled detonation of non specific explosive items such as a pile of bullets or a bag of oxidizer powder.

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A string soaked in gas would literally burn in less then a second unless it were extremely long, at least they always did in my experience :smiley:

I’m coincidentally looking into this exact thing as part of the explosives overhaul…

Are you also looking into having flammable liquids in non vehicle containers explode or something similar?

No, just the fuse thing. Checking that in the context of these nasty suckers: M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition - Wikipedia

tl;dr it’s a tiny (palm-sized) mine that shoots wires across a 15’ area when deployed (thrown like a grenade), any contact or disturbance of any of the wires triggers the mine, which tosses a fragmenting charge in the air.

Supporting the wires and supporting a “burning trail of gasoline” are pretty similar code-wise.

My understanding is that it’s the fumes that burn faster than the string, otherwise poi dancing wouldn’t work. To make an improvised fuse, I would probably start with was first. I’m usually trying to get the for to travel quickly though, not the other way around.

I wonder if you could scrape the metallic part off of some sparklers then rub that on some string to make an improv fuse. A string soaked in wax/vegetable oil? Could you twist steel wool into a stringish thing? Would it still burn then?

Sounds like a great research task for someone to dig into.

String/rope/withered plants covered in pine sap would burn good.

I guess a wick could be considered a less exciting fuse.

I want to add using spilled flammable liquids should string together. Anything flammable on the ground should catch fire like it would in real life.

I see gas spills all over the place when I drive damaged vehicles. But when I light one tile, it burns off and doesn’t ignite the adjacent gas tile spills.

I want this effect please and also to use with items on the gas tile such as bullets etc. Perfect fuse. Spill stuff! =D