Improved color palette (WIP, open for discussion)

In real life, I have some visual issues ; a strong myopia and some difficulties to see details on some color contrast and when I play CDDA with the base color palette, my eyes bleed especially on the overworld map. So i made this palette with in my opinion some improved contrasts.

Here is a link to the gist of the file :

You just have to copy the file or it’s content to ‘CDDA_PATH/config/base_colors.json’

Here is some screenshots (I can’t post more than one so i put the others in a gallery) :

You can see on the map’s screenshot some location that where previously realy hard to see (under the s and i of city tag.

I’m open for discussion and i would me more than happy to improve it.


I don’t have any problem with my sight but that surely looks better, or at least refreshing. Gonna use it for some more time and see how it goes.

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