Graphical Overmap Edit

Really like the look of the Graphical Overmap but the unexplored striped pattern hurts my eyes so I modified it to be a pure black instead. The dither pattern used for football fields, islands, the sky etc isn’t as bad as the stripes, but it got a bit annoying so I modified it as well. I also increased the thickness of the field graphics by 1px to make it stand out a bit more.

There’s also a version with only the stripes removed if you don’t like the other two edits. To install it, save and copy the image of choice below to your fonts folder and edit the fonts.json in your config folder to point to it instead of the regular map_font_LARWICK.png.

Graphical Overmap Edit:

No stripes only version:

In-game screenshot

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No symbol for unexplored tiles is bad UX.