I'm working on a "Newbie / Easy Mode" profession/preset

What should go in that to make it work? This is a mod right now I guess, unless people like it, then I could always pr it. Right now, I’m thinking of a preset that could be packaged with Cataclysm for people new to the game.

My Current New Person Preset is:

STR: 8
DEX: 12
INT: 8
PER: 12

With the traits:
Fleet Footed, Quick, Night Vision, Self-Aware

Addictive Personality, Heavy Sleeper, Poor Hearing, Truth Teller, Ugly

Profession: Tailor

and I threw a point in tailoring so they can make a backpack / reinforce they’re stuff / craft stronger stuff.[/spoiler]

but what I want is a better profession to throw up there that is balanced with the rest while still a good “starting” point for players learning the game. I’m thinking something either kind of expensive that gives them a lot of good starting gear, or something sort of unbalanced, but good for casual play.

Right now, I am thinking a 2 point profession that starts you off with a bat and a sowing kit. This’ll help players get acquainted with the crafting system, and give them a quick “good” item they can upgrade if they smash stuff in the shelter (which is the first thing they should do.) I’m pretty open to ideas and criticisms though, so please, tell me what you think new players should have / do in cataclysm, and what skills / items would help push them towards that goal.

Are you still working on this? I suggested shipping a preset character or two some time ago, but it seems to have disappeared…