Location Suggestion: Strategic National Stockpile (based on RL, with sources)

tl;dr - It’d be cool, end-game, RL-friendly, and super-rare. Sources, pictures, & videos below.


Background In America, there’s a program that’s been around since the 90s called the Strategic National Stockpile. It’s a giant stockpile of medical goods to rapidly respond to a health epidemic. There’s somewhere between 6 and 12 of them in the US; the exact number of warehouses and their locations is classified.

How They Look What is public is their size, their (rough) inventory, and their scale. Each one’s in a non-descript warehouse roughly the size of two Super WalMarts or 8 acres of land (Washington Post). The shelves are stacked up like an Ikea storeroom or Amazon warehouse, only filled with medical supplies. One section is refrigerated / frozen for medical supplies that require it (like insulin and botulism antitoxins). Another is caged off and locked behind iron bars - this is where the addictive substances, like painkillers, are stored (NPR). There are “rows and rows of ventilators” that are kept “in a constant state of readiness,” each one having electrical outlets so they can be charged and tested monthly.

How They’re Staffed & Secured Each one is guarded by a 24/7 security detail. The workforce inside is mainly standard labor, although some workers are required to wear HAZMAT suit in refrigerated areas. Doctors are present to verify the effectiveness of certain medications, as are specialized maintenance personnel for certain medical devices. Motion sensors trigger the lighting.

What’s In Them At the front entrance of each warehouse is a series of “12 Hour Push Packages,” which are 50 tons’ worth of medical supplies prepared to ship anywhere in America within 12 hours. Images of them & their (unclassified) inventory can be found at the FTP.cdc.gov link below. ChemPacks are also deployed from these warehouses; these are anti-nerve gas agents that contain atropine autoinjector and pralidoxime chloride autoinjector (2-PAM). Images and details on ChemPacks found at the CHEMM.nlm.nih.gov link below.

Beyond these, the public inventory is at about:

  • 50 million face masks
  • 100 million respirators
  • 45 million antiviral regimens

So each warehouse would have millions of the above, and, one can imagine, lots and lots of the interesting stuff.

INTERESTING DRUGS These warehouses store unique drugs that ONLY EXIST in SNS’s and nowhere else in the world. These drugs are unavailable to the public and meant to address biochemical warfare and epidemic concerns, like anthrax.


Why It’d be Cool This would be a very rare location, about as rare as a missile silo. Private contractors would run the security, so zombies similar to labs. This location would be challenging to take on at any stage without ranged weaponry; since it’s a giant warehouse, zombies would see a survivor easily, and both cover and escape routes would be sparse. Zombie technicians and guards would be common, with some normal ones and scientists thrown in there.

Bountiful Loot The bounty for looting it, however, would be large for players with illnesses or who are prone to injury. It’d have lots - and I mean lots - of royal jelly, among other lovely drugs. Chances are a character could find lots of anesthetic for CBM installation. If your character was ill, he or she could get better in here. Autodocs would be guaranteed. Bandages and antiseptic for life. But as a base, this place would be mediocre at best. It’d have lots of sturdy walls and few exits, sure, and furniture that could be dismantled, but not much else.

And secrets These locations are classified IRL. Who knows what else could be there? Let imaginations abound! I found it curious that these reporters didn’t mention basements at all, and it’d be a vastly different place if it turned into a VIP shelter, was nearly-emptied out as storage, stayed pristine, or was swarmed by civilians during the apocalypse…

As for mutagen… well, there are drugs only sold to the government, so who knows? What do you guys think would be in a SNS warehouse in the CDDA universe?

Links & More:

Video Footage Inside One: https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/c/embed/7d9dd94e-38f4-11e8-af3c-2123715f78df

Simple Slides w/ Specific #s and Incidents: http://www.nationalacademies.org/hmd/~/media/Files/Activity%20Files/PublicHealth/Stockpile/2015-JUN-04/Presentations/5%20Logistics%20of%20the%20SNS.pdf

Journalist 1: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2018/04/24/inside-the-secret-u-s-stockpile-meant-to-save-us-all-in-a-bioterror-attack/

List & Pictures of Unclassified Inventory in 12-Hour Push Pack: https://ftp.cdc.gov/pub/MCMTraining/Miscellaneous%20Resources%20and%20Documents/SNS_Push%20Package%20Catalogl_2-1-12.pdf

Journalist 2 (with 6 minute audio interview): https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/06/27/483069862/inside-a-secret-government-warehouse-prepped-for-health-catastrophes

List & Pictures of Inventory in Standard ChemPack: https://chemm.nlm.nih.gov/chempack.htm


A novel concept with real life sources to back it up?
Be still my beating heart :heart_eyes:

For real tho, the articles you linked look like a good read.

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They’re good reads! They’re from the only two journalists who have received access to these SNS shelters, plus from the government itself. And they have pretty pictures.

What I find most fascinating is the mistique about the locations. While they’re giant medical warehouses, there’s a lot of potential unknowns in them… IE room for creativity from the location-maker. :slight_smile:

Seems like a army + politician backup. General population would see only the barrel of a gun before the governing body and military would give out anything with only 6-12 locations. There are 350 million documented people on average in the USA. Excluding Mexico and Canada(which would migrate in a crisis; like our game). The general population would have to take a nose dive before these goods would be plausible at the numbers it could supply reasonably.

Not even paranoia to think this. First and foremost to any real crisis, would be to mitigate the immediate problem. Irregardless of the cost to the civilian population. I find it perversely amusing everyone thinks the power that be would care about you lol

…but still neat. Seriously. It is. But it would be a bit much for the game all in one location though.

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That’s why it’d be super-rare, about as rare as a nuclear silo! It’d be soooo much medical equipment in one place. Royal jelly in the double digits.

I wonder if these places IRL do secretly have shelters for the politicians & army in there. That’s a fascinating thought. They are classified IRL after all, so for all we know, there are secret shelters in there.