I'm doing this thing I guess - Web based spinoff/"remake" of Cataclysm

I am making a little web-based spin-off game based on Cataclysm. It doesn’t plug into C:DDA, it’s a standalone thing, but we’ll see how far I can push it. If I can get it to a state where it has some potential, instead of just being a way to entertain myself… ah, but that’s far in the future. Right now, probably best to see it as a toy that will eventually be abandoned, but hey: At the very least it allows me to experiment with some stuff like z-level mechanics in an environment where it’s a bit easier to play around with.

No promises it amounts to anything, though
Current state:


The levels are exploded, so left to right means bottom to top. Confusing, I know.
The enemy at the end there moved on to my head and they can’t attack downwards yet so he just kept riding it around. Whoops.

I’m still not clear what “this thing” is… exploded view of z-levels, got that part.

Is this a new game, a debugging thing for dda, an interface to dda…?

Also, email me the server password pls, I have a discord instance I want to try and import the forum history into.

I believe this is some kind of prototype for some z-level thing which is to be added to dda.


Got maps loading and ladders working and stuff.

Can now see stuff on lower layers. Not a great long term solution, but it will do for now. New terrain types too.

Sorry if I’m not being forthcoming on what I plan on doing and sticking to showing what I’ve done - I suffer badly from that… thing, whatever its called, where you get satisfaction from the telling as much as the doing? I want people to know what I’m doing, so if I restrict myself to telling by doing it provides a lot more motivation, while if I allow myself to just “tell” it feels like I’ve already done it so I don’t have to do anything.

But in short, what I am doing is a small web-based Cataclysm spinoff in javascript. I figure since this forum is the place for “remakes” as well as mods and other contributions, it was the place to put it.

Looks pretty good as of now.

Working on the jumping code, and… I think I may have broken movement.

Your player got a free upgrade to being the flash.

I was thinking more anime-style leaving a trail of shadow clones behind them, but hah.

I did get it working though.

Can look around now. Seem to have broken the combat code though. Ah well, will fix that later.