I'm curious, did I die from blood loss, or a fungal infection?

FWIW, I’m using a very recent game version, within a couple days of compiling.

I burned out a fungal tower spot, spending some time killing the odd stragglers. I was infected when I was done, of course, but I didn’t have any antifungal meds. Oops.

No worries. I started a house to house search for antifungals. The places with a really GOOD chance of dropping it were too far inside the cities, and I only had melee 2, so no way I could make it in there. I finally went in a basement with cockroaches. I ran back up stairs but too slow. I killed the three that followed me, but before I could bandage a leg a fourth showed up. I killed it too, but my legs were down to one bar, my arms mot much better, and the bleeding was bad enough I was sick from blood loss.

I died in my sleep, vomiting gunk, my uninjured torso down to zero. Is this blood loss death or fungal infection death?

This all happened in a single day, I didn’t think fungal infections were that bad, to kill you in a single day.

I’ve had a character with worse blood loss, too, but she recovered no problem with sleep and hydration.

Do health problems stack, so that the two together are worse than either one alone?

If you had severe blood loss, you probably died from the shock, that can actually kill in less than 24h, and to make sure you die, when the effect happens, its always your torso that loses the health.

And of course, obviously health problems stack. You can have a flu, scurvy, anemia, infection, all at the same time.

Probably blood loss. Fungal infection takes longer than 24 hours to kill you. You also missed the final stage of fungal infection where you break both your arms and you start breathing spors.

Thanks. I had pretty low medical too. I imagine that made a difference between this time and before.

Thanks. I wish I could mark both as solutions, because they both gave me what I needed.

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