Been away... Anything I should know?

Hey guys, i’ve been away for at least 2 years, madness i know, is there anything i should know before i dive into the latest experimental :smiley:

Vitamins and bionic limits are work in progress and not actually enforced.
If you aren’t heavily into realism, you want to disable filthy clothing mod.

When I was playing back in the day… probably two years ago, the game didn’t feel so balanced unless I took the Fragile trait. It no longer feels needed. Not sure if the game was rebalanced, or if I just got really, really bad at this game. Prepare to die many many times.

Biggest things I can think of are the introduction of stamina. Fighting will consume it and slow you down if you use too much. you can use " to sprint, however if you sprint too long you’ll be like twice as slow as walking. So be careful with that. Can save your life but if you forget to turn it off it will cost your life.

Guns have an aiming system, when you go to shoot take a look at all your options, maybe experiment on harmless animals to get a feel for how long aiming takes.

Also guns have clips. Its weird, but useful in saving time in a fight. Use them.

The encumbrance system changed. I think 1 encumbrance in the old days is 10 now. Otherwise it works the same I believe.

And weather will kick your ass if not prepared. Dress appropriately.

Those are some of major things I can think of that I had issues with when I first encountered them.

The melee system got multiple giant nerfs. In old versions you could beat up hulks while unarmed and naked, with zero skills (I checked). Nowadays trying that without a car will get you smashed into paste very quickly.

Armors also got nerfed. There are almost no armors with zero encumbrance and many more enemies that ignore at least part of the armor.

Zombies are also much less blind at night.

Zombie evolution is a LOT more varied now - watch out for Feral Predators, they will bite through almost ANYTHING, straight to the torso (and usually cause bleeding), and they have great senses, so they can find you easily, even at night. 3 of those at once at close range can quickly kill all but the toughest or most prepared survivor. Shady zombies (invisible at night), huge boomers (when they boomer you, you GLOW for a while, VERY bad at night). Basically, night time got a LOT more dangerous.

Zombie necromancers (raise other zombies), zombie masters (evolve other zombies into nastier zombies), a few more acid types, the list goes on… Oh, zombie grenadiers! Don’t even think about dealing with one of those without a ranged weapon - they release explosive hacks (think manhack, only with a suicide vest). The elite version has a lot more of them, including one MININUKE hack. That will just ruin your whole day.

Throwing got nerfed hard just recently, but that’s changing a lot, so it might not be true at this particular second.

Monsters of different factions now fight each other. Zombie moose and regular moose no longer team up to murder you.

Cars have been changed, massively overhauled, and then reverted back to newer-but-not-overhauled version.

That happened with 0.C - I think that was over two years ago now.

The hardcore mod to make the world more interesting is hosted on git as a separate repository.

That happened with 0.C - I think that was over two years ago now.[/quote]
I dunno man, I don’t really keep track of when stuff happens. I don’t play this game very much.