I'll just reload my canteen with some carpet... wait... what

So I open the reload menu for my canteen and carpet shows up there. Of course I tried it and it throws an error and doesn’t allow it, but it seems odd that it shows up in the menu in the first place.


I mean be real guys, I can’t be the only one who likes to kick back on a warm Sunday afternoon with a nice cool glass of red carpet, right?



I prefer some purple myself. It has a more royal flavor.

That is a familiar looking avatar.


Red carpet thought…

And here I thought the problem was that carpet is usually sold by the gallon. Stupid metric system. Who uses 3L jars in New England?


The real question is Do you have a matching canteen of drapes?


Ooh, look at the big looter with his fancy CANTEEN of drapes. Down in these parts, mister, we don’t hold with such fancy things. No sir, we use sealed stomachs of matching drapes.


That is because carpets have "type": "AMMO".

seems like type: fluid should be the requirement.

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-Drapes and carpets? That is peasant food! What you really want to do is have a nice blend of rocks, spider silk, and wood chips!
-You know what? When I get back to modding ROA, I’m totally going to add something similar to that as a recipe. I just need to think of a good name for it. I’m fairly certain you can’t actually get spider silk and wood chips, so I’ll just replace that with long strings and a 2 by 4.

-BTW, I also changed the title so that it has a question mark at the end. I have the ability to change other people’s thread title now, so why not use that ability to fix a little bit of grammar?

It’s not a question, though.

@redxlaser15 Red. Know how poorly people like I did spell is an important part of forum conversations. If they has bad speak It sais much. If others edit all things you say to everyone, how is learn who they be?

I learn much by how u is talking, would be sad to see voice change for fitting better.

Why not make spiderwebs a thing? Players can smash at spiderwebs to get rid of them. You should make it so doing so drops webs. It would be a great learning experience for you. Then cobwebs could be part of the recipie. YUM!

Or when you 'e’xamine the web it should give you the option to harvest the webs like we get with trees and bushes.

Yep thats a good way to do it. Point is it’ll be good practice for red.