If only.. servers

But I play on a Windows box now, so the tutorial Whales (thoughtfully) posted on RogueBasin is, sadly, useless.

Have any of you got a server running that myself and a few friends could connect to?
Or, barring that- any idea as to what I might do to set one up myself?

I’ve got a PC free, so if the latter, I’d leave it public- as long as that’s a secure option.
I expect at least a few others to want this as badly as I do.

You’re saying that you can’t run the game because you’re running Windows?

Did you check the stickied topic in this subforum, titled “Downloading and Running the Game”? That has instructions for how to build the game on Windows, not sure if that would help you or not.

No I think he wants to play on a shared save server so it’s like a faux multiplayer, I remember hearing that it doesn’t work on this version but I dunno.

You just need something like Dropbox to share the “save” folder and it should work, I think
"Servers" like real servers do not exist. Or are very hard to create and maintain