0.C-4096 Block disappears when curtains torn down

All I’ve done is tear down the curtains and this is what it always does. If I move up one, it will turn black, and when I stand here, it does that, and if I move around, it does more weird stuff.

Huh, it looks like someone added “Windows without curtains.” Should be an easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, I will get it in the next pr.

It would seem you have torn the fabric of reality in addition to the curtains.

I believe. Because when I tear down the curtains, I can walk right through the hole I’ve created. The window/wall ceases to exist.

Actually, I was wrong about the tile not existing. It exists. Just doesn’t show.

It shows. It’s the [tt]"[/tt] symbol. When a tile is missing from a tileset, it shows the symbol instead. It might be a new tile.

Pretty annoying bug. Does anyone work on it?

Chezzo has fixed this in the latest experimental