Early draggable storage?

I’m on a farm and about to go into town and want to bring some goodies with me. What can I build early on (draggable vehicle with a box I assume) to help me carry my stuff?

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Ten two by fours, a hammer, 40 nails, and a woodsaw (I think) makes 2 wooden frames. 20 more nails lets you turn one wooden frame into a vehicle and then install the other frame as a wooden box with 30L of storage. It’s perfectly draggable if you don’t mind the weight and aren’t opposed to a fair bit of noise.

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If there are any bales of hay in the barn on the farm you can smash them to get short ropes, make a light wooden frame three 2x4s and 3 short ropes, as mentioned above make a wooden frame, only need one, start a vehicle with the wooden frame, then with the light wooden frame and I believe one more short rope you can make a travois, holds I think 75L.

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Oh yeah, travois is a good early wilderness alternative to the shopping cart.

neither require anything but rocks 2x4s and nails. (and in the case of the travois something to make rope out of)

stone/makeshift hammer = stick/2x4 + 1 rock/metal chunk + 1 rock/metal chunk/anything with hammer - 1

then you have a hammer for nailing your makeshift sled together. nothing else needed.

You can literally:

1st (or less?) in-game hour sled from nothing | warning EZ mode inside

start a fresh shelter start game,
run out and grab the nearest rock
smash the benches for 2x4
wield 2x4 and use to smash lockers
craft makeshift crowbar out of pipe
smash everything else inside bunker
craft 2~3 lockpicks for fabrication lvl 1
close and tear down bunker curtains for long string
craft makeshift/rock hammer
craft 2 frames (or frame and light frame for travois)
and be good to go.