Idea about trunks in correlation with various containers

My idea is connected with the way in which trunks work. In my opinion, putting containers (like a backpack, duffel bag, military rucksack etc) into various trunks should increase their volume. Consequently:

An ordinary car trunk: 162,50 L of volume
A duffel bag: 30.00 L of storage and 6.00 L of volume
If a player put a duffel bag into a trunk, trunk’s volume is reduced to 156,50 L. Ok. But what when this player will put a SIG 552 into the same trunk? SIG’s volume is 2.00 L so trunk’s volume will be reduced to 154,50 L. Is this duffel bag filled with air? Player should be able to put various things into containers that are placed into a trunk.

Rather than making it so that players can utilize stored containers, it would probably be easier to make containers foldable for storage. IE: You have a military rucksack you want to store in your trunk. Rather than taking up its full volume in the trunk, you could activate the rucksack to bundle it up neatly (like the emergency blanket) for storage.

I figure that would probably require the least amount of work. It also makes sense from a realism standpoint. Until containers can maintain their contents after being dropped (was that ever implemented? I know it was talked about) there isn’t really any reason to use containers inside of other containers.

As far as I’m aware items being actually inside backpacks/etc was/is a mod at some point.

Have to agree with Unicorn on this for the time being. Until Kevin wants containers to act like they are unique individual containers and not just one blob. Uni has a reasonable work around.