Usable makeshift containers (bags & boxes)?

Hi! As a fresh CDDA player, I recently got puzzled when my new character ate the contents of a plastic bag, and having little storage space, attempted to then (w)ield the bag to get the listed 6 extra liters. That did not work. I read on the wiki that the same is true for items like the ‘cardboard box’ and ‘canvas bag’.

  1. Given this item behaviour, I find the “This container can store 6.00 liter” in the item description misleading. Perhaps this could be ironed out?

  2. The (non-)behavior of these items seems counterintuitve. Is there a motivation for it, or is it something that has not been addressed yet? Are there mods that make these items usable as carriers?

  3. I feel that makeshift carriers, like flimsy bags and boxes, might fit rather well with the theme. If the worry is that they make carrying stuff too easy, that could be offset by [a] the fact that you have to carry them in your hand(s?) (already the case); [b] high encumbrance values?; and [c] some gradual decay process which reflects how such carriers tend to break down quickly, perhaps exponentially hastened by how close to capacity you fill them up. Would something like [c] be implementable and welcomed?

  4. How about using stuff like helmets and strategically knotted clothing (think pants knotted off at the ankles) as makeshift containers?

In the case of the plastic bags and cardboard boxes, those are both containers. Only worn items can increase your carrying volume, including the plastic shopping bag, suitcase, and a few other items that are worn on the hand to simulate being carried in the offhand. Containers are designed to hold objects like flour or poptarts, to keep them together and safe, but mostly just for flavor. You can safely pour a bag of flour into your backpack and retrieve it in its entirety.

  1. In that case the main problem is that you can’t put objects back into containers. You can eat all the pizzas out of a cardboard box, but you can’t put them back in. Hopefully this feature will come sometime in the future.
  2. ^
  3. Once containers can be refilled with objects this will be a sub-feature. You’ll be able to stick a whole bunch of e.g lemons in a bag and walk around wielding a bag of lemons. Another planned feature is for container objects like backpacks to have their own inventory, which will allow you to have multiple different types of objects in something like a canvas sack.
  4. There is definitely a makeshift knapsack and sling made from simple materials. Helmets likely aren’t going to store that much or very well, but perhaps. I’m pretty sure you can also make a bindle from a canvas sack and a stick.

If you have a canvas sack, as opposed to a bag, you can craft it into a swag bag. Bindles are crafted from a stick and a handful of rags or a leather patch or somesuch.

That’s what i get for not playing for a while. The knowledge is beginning to bleed out…

Thanks for the answers folks. I’m aware of the actually ‘containing’ container items; it’s cool that those exist but my point was that the flimsier container types might also be neat gameplay/roleplay-wise, and more sensible, if they did what they kinda suggest they do.

Wasn’t aware of the offhand ‘wearing’ as opposed to main hand ‘wielding’ though. Makes sense. That would be appropriate for those little bags and boxes too, if they get a rework. Sounds like that may be a matter of time :slight_smile: