Storing items inside slings etc?

When you have an item which enables you to carry more items, such as a sling, could we have it so that items are stored inside the sling (you choose what goes in it) rather than the sling just increasing carrying capacity? That would mean that when you dropped stuff to become less encumbered in order to fight a zombie, you could just drop the sling (and everything in it), fight, and then pick up the sling again. Rather than having to drop lots of items.

Congratulations sir, you get the prize for the ‘store items in containers’ suggestion no. 51 :slight_smile:

Thanks, I do my best! I can only assume in that case that the idea was rejected. I suppose there’s always Packmule and Strong Back to help a bit.

The idea wasn’t rejected, it’s that it’s difficult to pull off in a sane way, especially from the UI point of view.

On experimentals at least, in situations where you drop a backpack or something similar, and doing so causes your inventory to go beyond the volume limit, random items will be dropped to the ground automatically.

In some cases, that could be somewhat a problem, as you might drop ammo you need.

Maybe you could have items selected for “quick drop”, and then when you press the " quick drop" key they are all dropped at once. Although there is multi drop I suppose.

The DF system isn’t TOO obtuse. Only problem is, of course, fiddliness.

There was a mod that made most backpacks and pants and etc into containers that actually stored items, but that has been offline for a while.

damn really i never see this :frowning:
Suppose it wont even work now even of we could find it :frowning: would love to give it a go

There was a mod for this? Any idea where it was? Always worth a look.

i to realy would like to try it.
Problem is if it dont work i wont be able to fix it :frowning:

In a nutshell…yeah. I want to look at such a thing to see if I could mess around with it to unfuck it. o3o

:slight_smile: nice :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s in the Lab somewhere. I’ll try to find it. I think CIB made it…?

Not sure how that mod does it, but the changes to holster/sheath action have made it sorta possible. Key discovery is that the action’s “merge sheath, scabbard, and holster functions” code means you can define your own flag and it won’t care that you made it up on the spot.

        "type" : "ARMOR",
        "id" : "backpack_alt",
        "name" : "tactical backpack",
        "weight" : 633,
        "color" : "green",
        "covers" : ["TORSO"],
        "to_hit" : 0,
        "storage" : 20,
        "symbol" : "[",
        "description" : "A small backpack, good storage for a little encumbrance.  Use it to stow away assorted junk.",
        "price" : 3900,
        "material" : ["cotton"],
        "volume" : 8,
        "cutting" : 0,
        "warmth" : 5,
        "phase" : "solid",
        "encumbrance" : 10,
        "bashing" : -4,
        "coverage" : 30,
        "flags" : ["BELTED"],
        "material_thickness" : 2,
        "use_action" : [
            "type": "holster",
            "holster_prompt": "Put item away",
            "holster_msg": "You put away your %s",
            "multi": 2,
            "min_volume": 1,
            "max_volume": 10,
            "draw_speed": 80,
            "flags": ["SHEATH_MISC"]

There’s one caveat though. It doesn’t seem like defining multiple instances of the holster use_action works. This means you can’t have multiple separate compartments with different max capacities.

Even if you could resolve that issue, the volume fuckery only lets you store X items between Y and Z volume. No way to adapt it to true DF-style (store any number of items up to a set volume capacity) backpacks yet.

CataTweaks made bag like items into containers.


This should be Fun.

OH! OH! GO DRAGON!!! Maybe while you are at it… if you don’t feel that taking on that entire system is enough… figure out how to bag the bags into other bags with a minimum of item space taken up by items in 2nd bag volume.

In other words:
Backpack > Medical bag > medicine and related items

minimum of 4 (maybe 5?) volume taken by items + bag > minimum of 4 volume taken (by medicine bag of items) > 4 volume of (items)

If nothing else just keep in mind the idea of that being something to be added later, and leave it open for such later… if you can. Dam, am I a needy bastard or what?

From the looks of it, this thing is a big old altered source code. Given I have enough trouble poking the normal CDDA source without it imploding, I doubt I’d be the best one to extract any usable content out of that. ;_;

As it is, it looks like the perpetual gremlin of this universal suggestion, the UI complexity, was what made that mod stall out.