I was thinking about self-destruct CBM

Ok, it was from a quite weird topic ( on a other forum ).
the day, a unlucky guy, his “@” sank on few dozen zombie and die on it.
anyway, I suggest this guy make something like “suicide attack vest” for his @, wear on it , so when next time, he can let his @ die with any around zombie.
and even further, make a CBM…
on a positive version? like “Internal Storage CBM”, install it, push “p”, enter, and a death explosion coming.
on negative version? I think may like that “install failure” CBM, just your normal CBM turn into a bomb, and random countdown (like few hrs? or few days), better remove it fast, in case a major KABOOOM.

what are you guys thinking?
I’m not a programmer, this’s whole thing just want… it may inspire some people who have the required skills.

Makes me think of this.

But really, it’s a neat idea. Not useful, but fun for sure.
I recall seeing something in my debug items list called a ‘zuicide vest’ which is a bomb vest. Unsure if it’s from a mod or not, though.