How the hell does radio dynamite/pipebombs work?

I know it’s related to the RC controller, but I can’t figure it out. It beeps when you hit the red button… but that seems to be all it does. Except then it randomly explodes anyway after I pick it up? It’s not on a timer; I hit the button and waited and nothing happened then either.

What the hell?

Oh, and it’d be great if the remote controller CBM could set radio dynamite off.

Might be broken due to one of my updates. Or maybe it got broken due to someone else’s updates.

RC CBM should be able to set it off just as well as the non-CBM version. I’ll check it out - maybe it’s easy to add it.

Oh right, I forgot the CBM had a RC car mode. It probably just jumps you to the same menu as use-ing the RC controller does, so I imagine it would. Assuming Cata menus work that way, anyhow.

Totally off topic, but is there something like a “getting started guide” for the Cata codebase? I’ve looked at it a couple times but it never looked particularly pleasant to hack on; if there’s good docs I’ve been missing I’d be interested in seeing them.

I don’t think there is a guide.
Some sections of the source are clean and nice (and new), others can look ancient and have a different, uglier style (NPC code unfortunately is often the latter). As a result, it would be a bit tough to have an updated guide. There’s ‘docs’ directory, but that’s mostly for jsons.

Plus, the code actually evolves quite fast. Like when BevapDin changed the item class - that was pretty much a total rewrite of how items were represented internally that removed a lot of bad practices in code (lots of type casting) and enabled multi-type items. Keeping up with changes like that would require a dedicated docs writer.

It’s not that tough to get used to DDA code. As long as you’re not dealing with coordinate conversion (submaps, overmaps, local map) - this one takes a while to understand.