CBM: Bionic Manigement

So, sence my stronghold 2 keeps crashing I decided to post this finally.
Basicly, this would be a special configureable cbm that would be and “activated” cbm, which would cost somewhere like 1 pu/50 turns or omething, which when activate would open up a screen just like the bionics one, except when you select a bionic it gives you different choices such as for power ones “Deactivate when power banks are full.” (metabolic enterchange, if bionics can overcharge) “Activate when in combat” (Adimantium claws, hydraulic muscles, defence ones) “Activate when thirsty” (Areo-evaporater), and so on and so forth. It would be a pretty rare cbm, but could probably be crafted which good enough skills, and would probably be good for lazy every player, so they don;t need to keep opening and closing the bionics window. Also, deactivating this cbm WOULD NOT REMOVE THE DATA YOU ENTER INTO IT (such as activate areo evaporater when thirsty)
It could also be able to “lock” bionics and cut them off from the others (Disabling malfunctioning bionics).
Any thoughts?

Malfunctionning bionic is the part of the game dude, no need to talk about skip this; It’s like bad mutation, only a small drawback if you aren’t lucky/skilled/intel.
Removing/stop it by anyway would make it too easy.

But i like the idea of be able to make a better use of cbm, but i tought it would better not by using a cbm but by using something more like computer skill and a special computer in whatever area it would suit(hospital/lab ?); less rare but need skill. After acces to the computer you could have option about your cbm.