I want to make a mod based on my own worst fears! (And I have no skill what so ever!)

It’s necrophobia. I want to make a necrophobia mod (sorry for the out of tone clickbatey title). But yeah, all I want from this thread is some links to modding resources after venting about my phobia.

Now see, searching the forums for ideas about phobias I see the same old idea.

“Give a moral debuff whenever X”

…and then just copy paste wikipedia’s list of phobias. Job done!

Now, I respect simplicity. But this kinda creates a few problems in my mind:

  1. The issue is that you can just balance the moral debuff out with moral buffs. And I feel my phobias won’t be easily counteracted just by dancing to music in a catgirl maid uniform (while possibly high on heroin).

  2. Also everyone has this idea that my biggest issue in the zombie apocalypse would be the piles of zombies all around. and yeaaaaah I see what the moral debuff crowd is getting at. However from my personal experience (and yeah yeah, I know my experences are not universal) the thing which gives me real panic attacks is holding the dead. Now while you don’t normally bridal carry zoms in CDDA I feel not being able to carry corpses (without crying your eyes out in the middle of a heart attack) would make hunting and butchery basically impossible. (Butchery especially, I remember my friends’s mom wanted my help in making chicken one time. Problem was that she didn’t believe in store bought…)

  3. Fun side note tho, I did one time have to carry my dead pet bird to the trash can and I had the ingenious idea of scooping it up in a paper bag and just not thinking about it. Maybe this mod will make plastic bags and spoons actually useful? Who knows…

  4. But in general as contradictory as it sounds, I want to avoid moral debuffs? Beyond what I said in the first point I feel moral debuffs focus more on not being able to do something cause you’re just really sad (or well, DE-moralized) rather then the frantic panic ridden mess I am whenever I have to acknowledge a corpse is near me. I don’t know everything about CDDA so is there some sort of vanilla panic status/effect?

So yeah! In summery I plan on making a mod that gives the player a panic attack whenever they hold a corpse (and a more minor debuff for corpses on the floor). Or even more dead simple, just not being able to wield/carry corpses. Seems simple enough.

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Piece of advice - pulling a corpse while wearing gloves and scent impending headgear might cause less debuffs/no panic when doing that, but butchery - yeah, that is something that should be improved, no idea how to do that exactly though

I think it will be more like zombie children kill moral debuff. You cant be scared too long at something that you see and experience almost everyday of survival life.