I really want to play this game, but I am overwhelmed

Hello everyone, and thank you in advance for your help. Most of my questions will have already been answered I’m sure, so if there is a link you would like to post that has the answer I am looking for, please feel free to post it.

With that out of the way I will get started:

I ran into this game on youtube, I recently started making let’s play videos (you can see my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC164kuIlZIfu9-ar778k95g )

  1. However when I downloaded the game it looks entirely different, what I originally saw looked like a bunch of letters numbers and symbols which was awesome, but what I downloaded looks new with actual art. Is it possible to play the old version, or is it recommended to play the new one?

  2. Is there a dumbed down list of controls, or even a diagram or picture of some sort of the keyboard and associated actions/functions?

  3. Would anyone be willing to Skype (or equivalent) with me and show me the ropes? I know that posting can be long and sometimes things might get confused, so perhaps talking while being able to see my screen and what I’m doing would help. I’m a nice guy and fairly mature (check out my videos to see) and I would just like someone like minded to help guide me through.

that’s basically it for now, I’m sure I will come up with more questions once I get some replies. Thanks again!

  1. Tiles can be toggled on off in the options menu. Just switch the setting and restart and you’ll be back to old-fashioned ASCII.
  2. This page has most of the controls. To see a full list hit ‘?’ and then ‘1’ and you’ll be able to rebind/change them at will.
  3. I don’t have Skype but there are usually a few of us willing to help at any given time over in the IRC channel.

Thank you so much, awesome response time.

Hey, saw that you already got a response but I’m on skype a lot if you wish to add me xtacoxsoupx. I make let’s plays as well and am working on one for Cataclysm DDA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtOFsbXCpoo

Feel free to add me and sometime when I’m on we can chat about Cata, etc.

we really need to add an in game tutorial…

find someone who wants to do it and beat a path to their door

Adding tutorials for any kind of software still in Alpha state OR Beta state is a big waste of time and effort. In the end you’re more busy with backtracking after each release than actually doing something good.

I could have sworn there was a tutorial in special.

Though it may be outdated

There actually is one, but it’s horribly broken IIRC. It uses a bunch of old, convoluted code and nobody has updated it for a long time, at this point it might even be easier just to rebuild the dang thing from scratch rather then actually attempting to fix it.

Just replayed the tutorial, except for some misleading ascii definitions the tutorial is fine, halfway done with it.

Yeah tutorial works fine, teaches weapon basics, picking up stuff, using items, looking, etc.

Just start small. Real small. Remember that raiding the center of a town is generally for the mid-game or more advanced players, although if you do a night raid it can simplify matters somewhat-- or not as the case may be.

Prioritize what you’re looking for and from that, prioritize what to raid. Houses on the outskirts are a nice way to start invading a town, make sure to clear the street any nearby zombies so they can’t interrupt. Once you have a safe place to return to and a safe place to sleep everything else pretty much falls into place.

Firstly: Clothes and storage. Backpacks, army pants, shorts, jackets etc.[/li]
[li]Secondly, tools, books etc.[/li][/ol]

As to what stores to raid, military surpluses or sports goods stores are generally my first choice, followed swiftly by libraries. After that, a grocery/supermarket for a trolley cart, food and drink… hardware stores for nails and a nailgun… the list is endless.

i dont think a tutorial needs to involve new features. should just be simple and straight forward.

a ‘tips’ option could be a simpler idea, because then people can add tips with jsons. ill add a suggestion for this.

Yeah, as you said, maybe some tips about some situation (first healing item, locked door of bunker/lab …) could be usefull for some guys.
But anyway, it’s not hard after you get to use bush/windows to slow guys.
Don’t forget penality when you wear stuff. Leave torso at 0 if melee, leave arms/eyes for ranged + hand if trowing. lot of stuff have changed recently about that, you may be able to wear a LOT of stuff at torso and still being at 0, if each stuff you wear have a base of 0 AND have the tag (fit).

Many ppl try to keep silence when they wander in town, i always found better to do a lot of noise to be sure every Z come at me so i can deal with it whithout surprise.
Like kill dog, hulk, electric, normal/swimmer/etc, then the one that shout and the other one that spit.In this order.
Even with dynamic spaming, you can clear a town without problem, like this, at low skill (remember : use the bush, don’t hit too many time, better to move back to another bush if you miss/don’t deal enought dommage)

The two big tips I can add are as follows:

1 - Anything with a movement speed more than 100 is your friend in a fight. Windows and bushes are the easiest to use this way, and windows are especially nice because they funnel enemies one (or two) at a time. Just make sure if you also have to stand on something, it has less of a movement penalty than where you’ve lured your foe.

2 - Don’t be afraid to die. You don’t have to start recording it for people right away, if you want to do a Let’s Play. A great deal of the learning COMES from being killed over and over - what things to avoid, relative danger levels, items/skills that match your playstyle. If you get stuck, there are usually people in the IRC, or you can check the forum for threads that seem relevant.

I know there are a lot of keys, so let me try to dumb it down a little
-Most actions have 2 keys, use whichever one you like more, and change it if needed
-A lot of keys do double duty, if an action says to use “D” don’t press “d” and be good. You need to go shift->d
-“e” is very useful. It is how you look inside objects and does a few other things like picking up liquid
-“B” is butcher, which you want to do to every corpse that ever crosses your path
-A lot of keys are shortcuts (Like pressing “E” is a quick way to eat foor rather than doing"i" the letter of the food then “E”),you can ignore them for a while
-g is for grabbing things undernieth you
-d is for dropping undernieth you, D is for dropping in a direction
Those are the most essential commands. If you are having a lot of trouble, go to a friends house with a laptop (or ask them to come over with theirs) and have one on the controls part of the wiki, and one for playing the game. [size=2pt]or just have the wiki in a different tab… self facepalm[/size]

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