Before I play, I have a few questions

So I watched a few videos while away from home about the game and it seems like a lot of fun. I enjoy games like this and have hundreds of hours sunk into Project Zomboid and RimWorld for that reason. When ai get home I want to try it but I have a few questions I can’t find good answers to.

  1. How complex are the controls? The people that play this game on youtube are kind of ominous about it. Will I have to create a cheat sheet?
  2. Can you actually turn into a mutant with a multitude of limbs or tentacles? One of the reviews said you could. Can you manipulate these mutations to become the beast of your dreams (or rather nightmares)?
  3. How does auto backup work? It is like a multisave system or does it only backup after you exit the game as an anti-save corruption measure?
  4. Is there a lot of content outside of direct survival? Stuff like base building, quests, or crafting crazy things.

Thank-you for any replies and help. Cheers.

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  1. sort of but not really, play it and you’ll remember the important ones cos you’ll use them a lot
  2. yes to an extent, the changes are somewhat random but you also have some control
  3. the game only has one save per character unless you make a hard copy of the save file
  4. yes
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1: You will 150% need a cheat sheet for a few weeks at least and still might occasionally need it to find something specific later on.

2: Absolutly! If you want to be a weird tenticle monster with wings that shoot out slime minions go for it. You can be both exotic and more earthly like a multilimbed spider covered in Ultricating hairs and weaving web bases and beds on the fly as needed. Maybe you feel like ratting it up and burrowing into everything, maybe you’ll be an abomination that can slaughter hoards unarmed with violent arrays of lethal limbs like some sort of Chaos abomination. Or you can grow roots and be a tree I suppose. It’s quite open and you can even start the path with certain classes like Unwilling Mutant and take robust genetics and Genetic Chaos for a truly unique experience. Don’t expect to do much with friendly NPC’s if you mutate heavily though, they’ll treat you like they do the rest of the abominations walking the landscape.
3. No idea.
4. You can build your own settlements with npc’s rebuilding civilization, run around doing quest lines once you find survivor holdouts that build out lore, and lots of oddities hidden all around, some of them really well hidden like the deadly zones that can be hidden deep underground. There’s a hell of a lot I’m yet to see even after hitting lategame on multiple characters.


The other two answered your questions pretty well, but for #4 be sure to at least have static NPCs on if you want quests and such. You can also get quests from random NPCs but they’re not as engaging as the static ones imo.


Don’t forget places like the refugee center and wherever the heck the Federal Gov’t guy hints at to further the Federal quest line which I’m yet to puzzle out.


Yeah. Becoming a Federal Marshall is still my favorite questline. And it feels very rewarding as well. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

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Thank you for the help, everyone.
I look forward to becoming the most horrific abomination the wasteland has ever seen.


Always nice to see another mutation junkee hop in. Welcome aboard!

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Easiest way to learn the controls is probably to play the game in windowed mode and having the important controls written down in your desktop wallpaper, or having them open in a .txt file you can see at all times.


I was thinking more like something I used to do as a kid and have controls for games with complex controls physically written down and taped to something nearby.

Still a good suggestion, though. Thank-you.

Check out this guy, Vormithrax:

he has a whole series of useful tips for new (and not so new) players, some of it is a bit out of date because the game is continually developing but it’s still full of information that will help you.


Your cheatsheet can be accessed at any time by pressing Esc.

I recall seeing a Pic of one guys hand written cheat sheat of contraolls. He never used it. Possibly because writing it down helped memorize it?

The keys that are the least obvious are the hotkeys which as Invalid_ said can be easilly reached via the esc > controls menu. You will look at it several times. I still find myslelf looking at it from time to time for that ONE KEY I just cant remember. Usually because I re-maped it to be easier in the long run.

after that Its either situational hotkeys (o)pen for window/doors (s)mash for breaking things, and knowing when to do so but especially (e) - interact which can have all kinds of situational uses you might go some time without realizing, like if you ©lose curtains, you can then (e)-interact with them to tear them down for valuable supplies, namely long string. Or using a tool on you like a crowbar/shovel on the terrain around you.

OR using the item hotkeys straight from the (i)nventory menu/ mapping custom hotkeys for them so they stop moving around.

Would be great if we had a text page as to print out the list of controls. Yes. Technically we do as it is how it works. But I mean for a quick and easy default to toss crap into a folder for folks to go and print without finding the appropriate files and sifting them.