I need an old experimental build

I always enjoy playing games with a lot of mods and CDDA is not different. Now i’m back after some time to play again but i lost my modded game so i downloaded kenan modpack that works with stable 0.f-1. The only problem is stable release doesn’t have tile overmap option. I tried searching for an old experimental build and the oldest built that i found was from 2021-09-04-1659 which doesn’t not work with the modpack.

So what i need is build 0.f-1 experimental or maybe show how can i change 0.f-1 source code to enable that option and then compile (i don’t even know if it is allowed), i tried search for it but i don’t have coding experience and coudn’t find it.

True, it seems GitHub cuts it off after page 100, even if it shows (when logged into GitHub) more pages…

I presume the double negative was an error and you meant that the version 2021-09-04-1659 “doesn’t work with the modpack”?
I have little hope that it does work with anything after the stable release it was designed for, but you can still give it a try…
While I don’t know when the graphic tile overmap was introduced, I know it was at least implemented after 2021-07-04.

Now, as for how to find/access older releases, I’ve got a small workaround:

  • Go to the GitHub release page.
  • There’s a search bar that reads Find a release. Enter 2021-07 into it and press enter.
  • Now it lists all releases that contain “2021-07” in it, (including 2021-12-07 :roll_eyes: ). Go to the second last page and pick one of the versions.

You’ll have to check for yourself if one of these versions will run with the modpack and also contain the graphic overmap tiles.

Based on the license Cataclysm:DDA is under, you’re allowed to change the code of the game and compile it yourself without any problems (you’re even encouraged to do so).
However, I’m not sure the code changes / pulls necessary to implement the graphic overmap tiles are simple enough to do without any coding experience.
It might be easier to download the latest experimental release and then fix Kenan’s modpack than the other way around.

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I would suspect this is true. If he knows how to compile from git, he could attempt to load the last version that the modpack works with and use git’s cherry-pick command to apply the future commits that added the graphical overmap, but I would consider it a real long shot to have it work without requiring some hand-merging, which would be a show-stopper for someone with no coding experience.
Fixing the modpack is probably much easier.

I thought it needed to change just some lines of code, this really shows my inexperience. With Valase advice, i got the oldest build with tile overmap now i’ll try to fix the modpack like you guys said. Thanks!

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