Downloading older versions of Experimental

Hey so i’m playing on 0.E, build 10478 with alot of mods from Goat’s pack.
I want to build a helicopter.
I see that the helicopter stuff was added in 10488, but I cant figure out how to update to that version.
I don’t want to play with Nested containers till it’s more refined, and I can’t figure out how to download pre-10615 either. My launcher only lets me download 10618 and newer.

Download it manually (I’m not sure how well the launcher will handle that, though):

Once I download 10488, how to I install it?

Oh boy… As stated, I’ve never used the launcher, so this might be a bit risky at best. It also depends if you do want to start fresh or keep your save.

If you don’t absolutely need the launcher, you can just unzip it, open the unziped folder it and double click the “cataclysm-tiles.exe” file (depending on your settings, you might just see it as “cataclysm-tiles” without the “.exe”).


  1. Unzip the downloaded file into a folder you’ll be able to find.
  2. Make a backup of your existing cdda folder, just to be sure (you’ll find it by starting the launcher and follow the path next to “Directory”).
  3. Set the “Directory” to your new folder (click on ... and navigate to it).
  4. Your choise:
  • Fresh start:
  1. Done.
  • Keep saves:
  1. Open your previous cdda folder.
  2. Open the data/mods folder.
  3. Copy every mod you want to keep (as in, all you’ve used in your world creation and all that you want to use in future world creations) and does not exist in the new one (those are probably more up to date than the ones you’d copy out of the old folder, unless you’ve changed some stuff up) into the data/mods folder of wherever you extracted your downloaded file to.
  4. Go back to the cdda folder.
  5. Copy the folders config and save over (Be aware: They do not belong into the data/mods folder but into the same directory that the data folder is in!).
  6. You also need to add the soundpack and graphics packs back in, if you used special ones, either the same way you did in the first place or by copying them over from the sound and gfx folders too.

Launch the launcher. If you did it right, it will state that the build is unknown, but it should launch it fine.
If it doesn’t go through the steps again. Make sure you’ve downloaded the right version.
If it still doesn’t work and you want to go back to the point where you’ve started, select the previous version in the “Directory” dropdown of the launcher.

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Holy cow, thanks for the detailed guide. I’ll try this right now, i have alot of mods and i do want to continue my save so we will see how this goes… hopefully none of the mods break by updating the game 10 versions.

Edit: So i downloaded This but it doesn’t have the tiles file. If I set the directory from the launcher to the file i downloaded+extracted, it doesnt let me launch because there’s no game installed.

Edit2: I see that that version doesn’t have all the files, so i went to the next one, 10489, and it had the files i need. working on it now.

Edit3: Got it to work! But when it launches 10 or so mods have this problem with { and [ symbols being in the wrong place… and its on huge content mods that im wearing gear from or have mutations from.

Indeed, there are some versions which did not build the game itself and only contain the source code, as you already figured out. Going with the next possible version is the only solution to that (other than build it yourself from the source code).

If those are mods that are in TheGoatgod’s Modpack, you might be able to fix this by downloading the newest version of his modpack or the suggested fixes by Kenan and replace the mods that cause problems. But there’s also the chance that it will break it more…

Alright, I’ll look into updating the mods, I haven’t in at least a week. Theres only a handful but the Bio-weapons are one of them and I was using a cool sword I found D:

Huh, I just make branches in git to choose what build I want.

git pull --ff-only upstream master
git checkout -b tatter-branch (build GUID)
make clean && make TILES=1 SOUND=1 etc.

When I want to update to the latest, or otherwise move to another build:

git checkout master
git branch -d tatter-branch

EDIT: yay surprise forum formatting characters

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True, but building from the source is not that simple and with low or no experience in programming (to set up the compiling environment for example) a total hassle.

You can use the "Preformatted text" (Ctrl+Shift+C, surrounds your text with ` symbols like this: `[TEXT]`) tags to keep the format they should have, or if it goes over multiple lines, uses four spaces at the start of each line (you need to add an empty line above the block you want to format like this, though).

    like      ...and should keep
      so      characters intact.

It’s mostly a hassle on Windows. Setting up to compile something on Linux is comparatively a walk in the park.