Zolverine, the zolf killer

Ok, first of all, I haven’t played for a few months, and its nice to come back and see a bunch of additions and changes.
I’m playing some of the latest experimental versions, and I gotta say - its great.

But - “zolf” spawn rate is too damn high! I swear I saw a pack spawn like twenty-five tiles away from me. It’s not that they’re challenging (unless you’re overloaded, which happened to me on accident once), but there’s more zolfs than zeds for whatever reason, and they’re a nuisance (especially with safe mode, haha).
I’m not sure how I feel about more creatures becoming zombified - “zombears”, “zooses”, and whatnot - I feel like ooze targeting mankind specifically would make more sense (at least to me). Don’t get me wrong, getting attacked by an army of zombie squirrels and weasels would be terrifying. But even deep in the cities I’m encountering zolfs rather frequently.
I like the idea of nature gradually reclaiming the decimated towns, villages, and metropolises, but perhaps an encounter with a zombied creature (other than human) should be rare and terrifying rather than an everyday (in some cases hourly) event; I’m thinking the infected dogs from “I am Legend” or something along those lines. Zombears feel something like that - they’re tough up close, though manageable. Zooses I feel are even scarier. But zolfs and zombie dogs… Currently I like the concept but not so much the execution.

I just wanted to put that out there and see what ya’ll think, perhaps get a mod going in that direction if anybody is interested.


EDIT: 10 minutes after I posted this and ate lunch, got back on Cata - a zombear spawned in the house I made my temporary safehouse when I was away looting a nearby apartment. No open/broken doors/windows, simply poof - magical zombear.

Tell me about it.

I don’t think it is a bug, but yes, spawn rate of z-animals is annoyingly high.

I don’t think they are too numerous as the spawning in pack behaviour is intended. Although the perception that they spawn too much may come from how the animal spawn (zom-animal count as animal when spawning, unlike zombie).

Yeah its even worse because the only harm they manage to reliably do is breaking my windows and solar panels night after night after night.

It annoying to the point that I just edit them out.